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As marketers we always want

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Our customer to understand us

Information to be read till the end

Be trustworthy

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information in simple form

Gain qualified leads

Always increase conversions

VideoQuiz allows to


While watching interactive video and answering questions you set up, a customer will be accordinly qualified and will be more valuable when becomes a lead. 

Thanks to video content a speaker or a company can broadcast enough information so that a customer could understand all sense of the product.

Broadcast big
volume of information

An opportunity to answer the questions and influence on a scenario will help a customer to stay focused and engaged during all time of communication.

Have highly engaged users

Qualify your leads

What VideoQuiz can be used for

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How it works

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1. Upload videos

2. Set up questions

3. Put them into order

4. Create a contact form


Переваги користування

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contact form

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How your VideoQuiz can look like

You may also walk through this VideoQuiz by link.

Liked it?
Want to try?

Now we are testing the app and give an access
for free. You can easily get it through my telegram 👇

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We are united with enthusiasm and ambitions. Also, we believe in need of interactive videos so we are planning to expand our team.

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